Agriturismo in Umbria


Trasimeno eel

The Trasimeno eel has an elongated, snakelike body, rounded on the front end and compressed on the rear end. Covered with small scales and abundant mucus. It may be of various colors: the back may be greenish-brown, brownish-grey, or blackish; the belly is yellowish-white. The dimensions of the males vary from 35 to 50 cm, and females from 100 to 150 cm. Excellent, prized, fatty and flavorful meat.

Description of the processing, storage, and aging methods

Fishing season: summer, autumn. Fishing techniques, called tofo, tofone, fila, palamite (the latter is a fishing device consisting of a series of hooks attached at regular intervals along a rope, using pieces of wire). Bait: earthworm, shrimp, sand smelt, dace, small tench. Bottom fishing rods are also used ? line: 0.25/0.35 ? hooks: m. 6/9 ? bait: earthworm, chicken entrails. Fishing is done at dusk or during the night.

Often, after fishing, the eel is processed in small shops adjoining the points of sale authorized under Law 283/62, with the following phases: decapitation, drawing, skinning, packaging, freezing in a ventilated tunnel, storage in a cold room (18C).

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