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Ciriole pasta

Long square- or rectangular-section pasta

The name ceriole probably derives from the Latin “cereus” = like wax, of wax, indicating the white color of the eggless pasta, made of only flour and water. According to the account by Remo Coppini, ceriole used to be made using a very laborious procedure: “(…) after letting the mixture rest, roll out a sheet, not too thin, that you will cut into short, wide ribbons, which you have to twist with the palms of your hands dusted with flour, using the special iron utensil, or around large knitting needles, obtaining the “stringozzi” or “ceriole””. In any case, it seems that Remo Coppini’s account is the only one describing this procedure, and which associated ceriole with stringozzi. Ciriole are longer than stringozzi and definitely cut into a sort of ribbons of a certain thickness.

Ingredients: soft wheat flour, water. Variation: soft wheat flour (2/3), durum wheat flour (1/3), water. Preparation by hand: The ingredients are kneaded by hand on a wooden pastry board; once the dough is well blended, it is rolled out into a sheet 3 mm thick; the sheet of pasta is rolled up and cut into strips about 3-4 mm wide and a maximum of 15-20 cm in length.

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