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Monteleone spelt

The typical product of Monteleone di Spoleto, of which only a particular variety is cultivated here (“triticum durum dicoccum”), is spelt. This was a very common grain in antiquity, before the advent of wheat. Spelt is still used today in granule or flour form: in the first case, it is used in soups; in the second case, it is used to make flat breads, biscuits, tarts, etc. The properties of spelt are well known, so much so that it is said that “those who eat spelt do not feed the doctor”. In particular, the spelt of Monteleone is an easy-to-digest food, an excellent intestine regulator, nutritious and light.

Legend has it that St. Nicholas, moved by the poverty of the inhabitants, gave them spelt as a gift. To commemorate this, each December 5th, the eve of the saint’s name day, the parish priest of Monteleone di Spoleto offers a dish of spelt soup to every one of the town’s poor.

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