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Cannara onion

The onion, with its countless therapeutic properties, is a herbaceous bulbous plant which, in two years’ time, attains its maximum development. It can be rounded, flattened, or globular or top-shaped. Its skin can be white, blond, or even purplish. The accounts of the food and therapeutic properties of the onion have been passed down to us since the 17th century, when it was used in the preparation of soups with turnips, Swiss chard, and peas.

Cannara, near Foligno, is the typical onion production zone, where the local farmers have kept alive the production and food traditions of long ago (“onion grower’s” sausages, onion soup, etc.). During the harvest period, at the Cannara onion festival it is still possible today to see the tying of the onions into the characteristic “braids”, which facilitate their preservation and use. The varieties cultivated, alongside newly selected ones, include some local ecotypes, whose recognition is still difficult, because of the limited funds earmarked for research on these varieties, which are threatened by a progressive genetic erosion.

What, on the other hand, still remains alive in this area is the skill of the "cipollari" (onion growers), as well as the environmental characteristics, which are particularly favorable for onion production.

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