Agriturismo in Umbria


Strada del Vino Colli del Trasimeno

A road, or perhaps a route, a way or an itinerary, but beyond the various definitions, it has always been man who encounters nature, himself, and other men.

For this reason it was not difficult to construct the “Strada del Vino Colli del Trasimeno” wine route; it was sufficient to look through the veil of time and go back through history: the story of the Etruscans, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Lombards, the Carthaginians, and the Umbrians, that of the lake’s fishermen or of St. Francis, and that of the pilgrims during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance artists like Perugino. The purpose of this route is to exalt the emotional side of wine, the art of making the emotions of others our own, and of making ours felt by others. 

And yet the vine growers of the Trasimeno area have learned to observe it, listen to it, through a careful experimentation and research with the intention of understanding the complex relationships between genotype, environment, and vine-growing technique, in order to optimize the relationship between quantity and quality. The people of the Trasimeno area are believers in the toast “To your health!” said in welcome when a traveler arrives, and in friendship when the traveler leaves again. They are persons for whom no richness offered by life can be used well unless it is shared with friends. 

“Wine as a friend of the traveler and the environment“

“Prima cratera ad sitim pertinet, secunda ad hilaritatem, tertia ad voluptatem, quarta ad insaniam.” Apuleius’s saying tells us the four natures of wine: “The first cup belongs to thirst, the second to mirth, the third to pleasure, the fourth to madness.”

Every traveler along his itinerary through the hills of Trasimeno can develop a sort of complicity with his cup: the first drink meets need and thirst, and the second frees the joyous nature of wine, as recalled by the famous "Carmina Burana". The third nature of wine is, instead, expressed with mystic accents: the taste, color, and flavor that help bring out feelings of passion and pleasure. With the fourth cup, the world is perceived as being subverted, veiled truths are revealed, and Dionysus triumphs.

The succession of valleys and hills characterizing this territory and the atomized land structure have brought the vineyards to be a precious cultivation; they are set like stones of green jade situated at the edges of a forest or an olive grove, and of sunflower and wheat fields.

Route type

Strada del vino