Agriturismo in Umbria


Franciscan La Verna - Assisi itinerary

The Hermitages of La Verna and Montecasale were of great importance in the life of St. Francis. It is here, in fact, that he performed prodigious miracles. They are places of remarkable landscape beauty, in particular the La Verna Hermitage, built on a natural precipice that offers enchanting panoramas, where everything comes together to create a highly spiritual atmosphere.

The itinerary continues through Città di Castello, where it is possible to visit the church of S. Francesco, and then proceed to Umbertide with its churches of S. Francesco (currently under restoration), S. Bernardino (currently under restoration), and S. Croce (now a museum), and also the Convent of S. Maria della Pietà.

In Gubbio recommended visits are to the churches of S. Francesco, S. Francesco della Pace, S. Maria della Vittoria, and the Sanctuary of S. Ubaldo. The itinerary ends with St. Francis’s birthplace: Assisi.

Route type

Itinerario Religioso