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Eurochocolate 2008

Eurochocolate is prepared to inaugurate its fourteenth edition with ChocolAge, it Was of the Chocolate, than it will be kept to Perugia from the 18 to 26 October 2008 . The food of Of becomes contemporary protagonist of the human existence, conditioning the uses and the customs of the common persons and their living daily. And therefore, as an example, in place of a cellular one it is found to us to communicate with one chocolate tablet like that one used for the campaign of entitled communication Chocolate: you feel how much is good; -). The images of the campaign ritraggono in fact many common persons while they use the chocolate tablet just as it was telephone with which to speak, to send sms, to take photo, to listen to music?. The Chocolate succeeds also to capture in one likeable greedy trap the modern technology. It is transformed in sweet batteries - the Chocopower - than you recharge the day and sweetly invades also the sphere of the well-being and the health with the income of the Chocopirin-A, already renamed from someone ?the aspirina to the chocolate?. To Eurochocolate, insomma, all the insatiable lovers of the chocolate, large and piccini today, will be able living for nine days in it Were of the Chocolate and to dip itself in a dimension puts into effect them at the same time and futuristica, traboccante of golosit. Eurochocolate is also the occasion in order to know the culture of a city like rich Perugia of history, art and traditions that for nine days is transformed in a great Chocolate factory in the open air to discover also thanks by now apprezzatissima to Chococard (5 Euro) that it proposes sweet advantages newly in order to pass moments to the standard of the divertimento and the goodness of the chocolate. Advantages that will become endured tangible between the others, near the stands of the Chocolate Show and the Rocca Pralina with beyond 150 coming from companies from every angle of the world. Eurochocolate is also the instrument in order to promote the important protection values which solidarities, biodiversity, tracciabilit and sostenibilit of the productive row of the cacao, with the perspective to realize a future sostenibile that stretch to eliminate the differences between Countries develop to you and Underdeveloped nations. With this attempt it is NATO, three years ago, Eurochocolate World, apprezzatissimo container of loyal initiatives, client from important international organizations like the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) and Fairtrade TransFair Italy, one of the main organizations of certification of the equolidali products. From then Eurochocolate World it does not make that to confirm the happened one of the Perugina manifestation also in this field, with concrete activities of economic development and sensibilizzazione, beginning from the new generations protagonists of the lessons of the Equoscuola in order to deepen the culture of the equosolidale chocolate. Eurochocolate World accommodates according to appointment of the C8 (the 18 Thursday October), the International Summit of the first eight Countries to the world Cacao Producers that, after to have faced in the first edition the topic of the quality in the production of the Cacao, return to be confronted on the issue of the Sostenibilit in the productive row of the Chocolate. Other important container will be Equochocolate, the space dedicated to the chocolate produced in the respect of the criteria of the equo&solidale commerce.

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