Agriturismo in Umbria


Palazzo Albizzini Foundation "Burri Collection" - Former dryings sheds

Palazzo Albizzini is a noble example of Renaissance architecture, of clear Tuscan derivation (late 1400s) in its lean lines and elegant proportions. Since 1981 Palazzo Albizzini has been the seat of the prestigious collection of works that Master Alberto Burri donated to the town.

The Burri Collection is the richest and most organic collection of works of one of the maximum 20th-century artists, who wanted to offer an exceptional gift to his town of birth by creating the first museum in the world that holds the splendid fruits of an original and innovative artistic path and permits the complete reading of a unique itinerary. It consists of an anthology that ranges from 1948 to 1989, broken down into twenty rooms of paintings, sculptures, prints, sketches for his large “Cretti” (crevices), as well as those for set and theatre designs.

“Ex Seccatoi” (Former Drying Sheds). Built between the late 1950s and mid-1960s for the drying of tropical tobacco by the Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi, since 1990 they have been known as the former Tobacco Drying Sheds. In 1978 Burri was granted the use free of charge of one of the sheds, and in 1979 the first of the vast pictorial cycles that characterized his production up until 1993 was opened to the public. The acquisition of the entire complex in 1989 led to the general plan for the renovation and adaptation of the singular, huge (7,500 m2) property as a museum to hold 128 large works, which was opened in 1990.

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