Agriturismo in Umbria


Antico frantoio dell'olio (Old oil mill)

Its origin is lost in time. Perhaps the old oil mill of Costacciaro was built in the 13th century, together with the building holding it. It stopped working around 50 years ago, but still holds, well preserved, all the equipment for producing oil: from the mill for preparing the olive paste, which was turned by a small donkey, to the “fiescoli” for containing the olive pulp in the machines, to the press for the first pressing, to the spectacular, unique (only one other similar one is known of, and it is in the wine museum of Torgiano), lever press, whose central element is an impressive oak beam 18 m long.

All together, it is an extraordinary and complete collection of oil-making equipment of the Apennine peasant civilization, which is still in working order.

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