Agriturismo in Umbria


Museo della Casa Contadina (Peasant House Museum)

The “Peasant House Museum”, established in the 1970s, is an important testimony of a culture connected with the agricultural world and economy, which was predominant in Corciano up until a few decades ago. The collection arose from the people’s desire to collect and permanently remember situations, behaviors, and instruments of life that were characteristic of a society that, with the birth and spread of industrialization, would have been irremediably lost.

The museum consists of a typical Corciano house, renovated, in which are kept all the objects that served in day-to-day life, each left in its place as if waiting to be used again. Even the utensils of the most common trades of the time are all lined up over the work table, on the carpenter’s table, around the loom, and among the kegs and vats. On entering this environment one has the sensation of entering a house that is only momentarily empty, but ready to come alive again as soon as the owner or housewife returns.


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